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Why I decided to re-design organic baby sleeping bags


Polyester is not breathable. I don’t know about you, but whenever I have slept in a polyester duvet I have not been able to maintain a comfortable temperature. I seem to sweat even though I feel cold most of the night! It does not make for a good night’s sleep. The majority of baby sleeping bags on the market are made from polyester, even the ones which claim to be ‘organic cotton’ will almost always have polyester inside. Using a cotton duvet cover with a polyester duvet makes no difference to the discomfort of the night, and baby sleeping bags are no different.

Couple this with one of the biggest and most elusive hopes of a new parent: a good night’s sleep. Polyester baby sleeping bags just don’t make sense to me. How do we expect our babies to sleep well if we wrap them up in plastic for bedtime? So, what were the alternatives available to new parents? If you wanted to go down the sleeping bag route, which is recommended by most of the safer sleep organizations, the only available options on the market a few years ago were cotton with a polyester fill, or merino wool sleeping bags. I tried both for my new baby, and was far from satisfied with either. They didn’t allow for temperature control and with all the different togs needed for different seasons, the environmental impact of all of this polyester, ultimately destined for the land-fill, did not sit well with me.

The polyester-fill sleeping bags were very restrictive as they were only suitable for a 2-3 degree temperature change, so it was a constant guessing game of how hot our baby’s bedroom would be that night. We often got it wrong and I would see the temperature creeping up on the monitor and we would then worry about overheating – a very dangerous issue for a small baby. On cold nights we would go in and check on him and his hands would feel freezing cold to the touch – these bags were just not doing the job.

The merino wool sleeping bags were better, they allowed for a much bigger change in room temperature and did keep my baby slightly more comfortable, but he would still get cold on cooler evenings and I found it very impractical to wash. Plus, it gave off a horrid wet wool smell whenever there were any nappy leakages or little milk spillages. On top of this, wool is not recommended for babies with sensitive skin or eczema.


Parents needed a more practical and more sustainable solution. We needed something our babies could sleep in all year round, whatever the temperature. Something which could be easily washed and dried. With a bit of research, I found out that bamboo was one of the leading fabrics for temperature regulation, and it was also hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial too. Ideal for babies! So Pure Earth Collection started designing a special type of bamboo wadding which would be stable enough to be inside the baby sleeping bags, machine washable, and just the right thickness for all occasions.

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Our organic baby sleeping bags are designed to fit from 3 months to 3 years for added sustainability and are very durable so they can be passed on from sibling to sibling. Made from 100% natural materials they are great for keeping babies comfortable to promote a better night’s sleep and they’re better for the environment too.

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Due to popular request, we subsequently bought out organic baby blankets with the same fabric composition. One of them is our ‘family size’ blanket which is fantastic for milk feeds or sofa cuddles, and it’s really given parents the chance to test out the magical properties of the fabrics. We’ve had so much feedback from people telling us that they stay so warm and cosy when they are using their blankets, yet they are super light and easy to pack up and travel around with. We’re always working on new, sustainable and natural alternatives to baby products and we love to hear from parents about what products they would love to see